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Course Info

Course Program

The course will cover React fundamentals in a practical way, with a lot of examples and coding.

The course will cover best practices and patterns taken from production React apps that we develop and maintain every day.

The high level agenda includes:

  • Using create-react-app to bootstrap our apps.
  • Understanding the basic tools like node, yarn, npm, nvm, npx, react dev tools and others.
  • Everything related to components - lifecycle methods, event handlers, state, props, context, etc.
  • Styling and layouting with CSS, using different techniques, like CSS modules and CSS-in-JS
  • Advanced component topics, like the new context api, higher order components and compound components
  • Fetching data from the server and working with that data.Immutability and lifting states.
  • Working with forms and sending data to the server. Running sync and async validations on our forms.
  • Doing state management with Redux, Redux Thunk and Redux Saga
  • Doing state management and data fetching with GraphQL
  • Deploying React apps
  • Running React without create-react-app - babel,webpack and custom configuration.

Course Prerequisites

The course doesn't assume or require any existing React knowledge.

Previous knowledge of JavaScript is recommended.

Course Teachers


Radoslav Georgiev

  • CEO at HackSoft.
  • Using React everday in a big single page project.
  • 8 years of experience with JavaScript and frontend technologies
  • 6 years of experience teaching different courses, including Python, JavaScript and Haskell

Ivaylo Bachvarov

  • CTO at HackSoft.
  • Using React everday in a big single page project.
  • Loves teaching and doing it for the last 4 years.

Price and Apply

The price for this course is 600 BGN with VAT included

You can apply here

In case you have any questions, drop an email at